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How to remove the IOHIDLibFactory error when you start your Xamarin.iOS application in the simulator

When you will develop Xamarin.iOS applications, you will use the iOS simulator to test your application without having to use a real device like an iPhone or an iPad.

In Xamarin Studio (like in Visual Studio), the output window gives you some useful information to help you to debug your application (e.g. when you use Console.WriteLine(…) to print values).

When you start your application in the iOS simulator, it might happen that you see a lot of errors like this :

Error loading /System/Library/Extensions/IOHIDFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/
IOHIDLib.plugin/Contents/MacOS/IOHIDLib: dlopen(/System/Library/Extensions/
IOHIDFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOHIDLib.plugin/Contents/MacOS/IOHIDLib, 262):
no suitable image found. Did find: /System/Library/Extensions/IOHIDFamily.kext/Contents/
PlugIns/IOHIDLib.plugin/Contents/MacOS/IOHIDLib: mach-o, but not built for iOS simulator

Or also :

Cannot find function pointer IOHIDLibFactory for factory 13AA9C44-6F1B-11D4-907C-0005028F18D5 in CFBundle/CFPlugIn 0x7be04110 </System/Library/Extensions/
IOHIDFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOHIDLib.plugin> (bundle, not loaded)

It’s not a problem for your application and has no impact on it, but it’s often annoying to have a lot of errors in the output window, each time you start your application.

If you want to remove these errors, you just have to edit your iOS build settings, and change the linker behavior value from “Don’t link” to “Link Frameworks SDKs Only“.

Xamarin Studio - iOS Build Settings

Note that activating this option will increase the compile time of your application because the linker will have more work to do to generate your package.